Michigan Sen. Candidate John James Stands By Trump: ‘Our President’s Policies Don’t Have A Race’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Michigan Senate candidate John James told Fox News host Trish Regan on Saturday that President Trump’s “policies don’t have a race, but our president’s agenda is about elevating all Americans.”

James, a West Point graduate, former Army Ranger and Apache pilot, won the Republican primary on August 7 and will face incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow in November.

James explained his conservative position with a nod to his brothers and sisters in arms, saying, “Too many people have died for me to have the right to think independently and I’m going to exercise that right to run as a conservative, to make sure that everybody can participate in the American dream regardless of what they look like.”

When host Trish Regan asked about the identity politics often used to divide Americans into camps, James said that it was nothing more than a political tool. “Democrats are using … I’ll just say some Democrats are using identity politics to peddle a brand of victimhood and dependency that has kept generations of people shackled to economic in-opportunity,” he explained.

James promised to focus on economic opportunities for all, beginning with K-12 education — an area in which he felt that his opponent was lacking. He said, “Debbie Stabenow has voted for policies that keep people dependent on the federal government.”
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