Celebrate Sarah Sanders’ Birthday By Watching Some Of Her Best Media Takedowns

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders celebrates her 36th birthday Monday and here to help you celebrate are some of her best moments from the briefing room.

Sanders has been known for her combative and quick-witted style while taking questions from reporters during the White House press briefings.

She has often called out the establishment media for not reporting certain things or for being hypocritical in their reporting, earning her a number of fans among those who support President Trump.

Here are some of her best moments:

Sarah Sanders Shuts Down CNN’s Acosta By Bringing Up The Elephant In The Room

‘With All Due Respect’ — Sarah Sanders Uses Her Southern Sass And Puts April Ryan Out To Pasture

‘I’m Not Sure How We Could Be Any More Clear’ — Sarah Sanders Slaps CNN Reporter For Russia Question

Sarah Sanders Slams Samantha Bee For ‘Vicious And Vile’ Attack On Ivanka Trump

‘Totally Out Of Control’ — Sarah Sanders Calls Out The Media For Reporting Literal Fake News

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