Tucker Carlson And Mark Steyn Laugh Uncontrollably Over The Thought Of ‘President Porn Lawyer’ Avenatti

Fox News 8/13/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn mocked Michael Avenatti over his decision to run for president on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday.


“He announced his campaign at the Iowa state fair, which is where one goes apparently to find a creepy porn lawyer. It’s like between the 4-H barn and the petting zoo. The creepy porn lawyer has his stand there and he’s selling blooming onions and all the rest of it and he’s announced that he is a shoo-in for the Democrat nomination in 2020,” Steyn stated. “He’s planning on coming here in the next couple of weeks and stumping New Hampshire.”

“By the way, stumping New Hampshire was one of my favorite stormy Daniels movies, all the guys wear plaid. It’s super hot,” he added, to which Carlson couldn’t contain himself.

“I have argued for years that the state ought to have built a southern border wall to keep Massachusetts out. You ignored me and look what happened. But you are going to say having not learned that lesson and let CPL invade your state without any response at all,” Carlson responded.

Avenatti, who gained notoriety for his client Stormy Daniels, declared his intention to run for the Democratic nomination in 2020. (RELATED: Avenatti Denies Having ‘Sexual Relations’ With Stormy Daniels)

“I’d rather just have something wholesome like a greased pig race but if we can’t have that than having a creepy’s porn lawyer race at the Lancaster fair in New Hampshire, which is coming up in a couple of weeks, that’s as good as we can get,” Steyn continued.

“Well a lot of things we mock, if you remember, do become real, and President porn lawyer could well be in the cards,” Steyn added. “I’m not going never porn lawyer right off — out of the gate,” he concluded.