Kellyanne Conway: Peter Strzok ‘Propped Up’ Hillary Clinton In 2016 Election

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Kellyanne Conway did not miss the chance to dunk on Hillary Clinton when speaking about the recently fired FBI agent Peter Strzok on Fox News Tuesday morning.

Strzok was fired this week after being embroiled in a political firestorm after it was revealed that he sent hundreds of anti-Trump text messages to a FBI lawyer he was having an affair with and promised he would “stop” Trump’s presidency. Complicating matters, Strzok was directly overseeing the Clinton and Russia investigations at the F.B.I.

Conway tied Strzok’s behavior to the failed campaign of Trump’s 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton.

“[Strzok] took action against a sitting political candidate – tens of thousands of text messages exchanged between 2016 and 2017 on his government phone,” Conway said.

“He didn’t just put his thumb on the scales of justice,” Conway said in regard to Strzok’s behavior during the 2016 election, “As a very high-up person at the F.B.I. he sat on it and put his whole body into it and slammed into it.”

Conway then characterized Strzok as deeply biased against Trump and favoring Clinton.

“He started in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation favored her, started digging up dirt on Donald Trump because everybody was so worried, including partisans like him, that Hillary Clinton was such a weak candidate they had to prop her up from the beginning,” Conway said,  “and here we are.”

Conway ultimately concluded that “There are 35,000 rank and file F.B.I. agents who don’t deserve someone like [Strzok] at the top representing them.”