Martha MacCallum Won’t Let Never-Trumper Squirm Away From Questions About The Title Of His Anti-Trump Book

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum held GOP Never-Trumper Rick Wilson accountable for not answering a specific question about his anti-Trump book during her show Monday evening.


MacCallum asked Wilson what the president has done that has ended badly, referencing Wilson’s new book “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

“Tell me about the things that die,” she said.

“Everyone who works for Donald Trump, at some point, is going to hit the wall. Their life will turn into, one moment, they are on the top of the mountain — one moment, Omarosa is the best friend in the world and she’s wonderful and she’s in the inner circle, and the next minute, she’s ‘Wacky Omarosa,'” Wilson responded.

“Do you think Omarosa matters to most Americans?” MacCallum asked. “I talk to Americans running businesses in this country, right? You look at the numbers, you look at corporate support for the president and CEO support — small business support. Up 14, up 9 percent. What died? What else died?”

“Every person that works for Donald Trump,” he began.

MacCallum cut him off, “You said that. What else died?”

“The Republican Party used to stand for the Rule of Law. This is a president is at war with the FBI, at war with the Justice Department, who believes he operates in an extrajudicial fashion in a lot of different ways. You see him frequently acting as if he is not a person who works for the people, but he acts more in that status and more authoritarian flavor and he’s got a great deal of affection for that style and that kind of leadership overseas.”

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