Conservative MP Dumps On Trudeau’s ‘Cult Of Diversity’

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Member of Parliament (MP) who narrowly missed becoming the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, let loose with a series of tweets on Monday that harshly criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “cult of diversity.” Maxime Bernier, who is fond of quoting philosopher Ayn Rand and who advocates a strict libertarian economic policy, was a prominent cabinet minister in the former Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He set off a firestorm of debate on Twitter as he slammed Trudeau’s diversity mantra.



Although some condemned Bernier for being intolerant, Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah — a Muslim — applauded his words.

Bernier’s own leader, Andrew Scheer, appeared to want it both ways, issuing a statement that attempted to appease all sides:

“Canada has been built by people from all over the world coming here to enjoy the freedom, prosperity and equality that our country offers,” it read.

“Conservatives will continue to recognize and celebrate the contributions made to Canada from people from diverse backgrounds that have enriched our history and our society.”

Trudeau, meanwhile, was unfazed by the criticism, repeating some of his favorite expressions during a Monday speech in Prince Edward Island. “These are things that make us strong. Our differences are always a source of strength in Canada.”

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