Ari Fleischer Nails Media’s ‘Propaganda’ Hypocrisy, In One Tweet

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer delivered a devastating one-two punch to the establishment media, perfectly outlining both the hypocrisy and double standard that many outlets show in just one tweet.

The coordinated effort Fleischer mentioned, which now includes over 200 papers, was conceived as retaliation against President Trump for calling the establishment media “Fake News” and the “enemy of the people.” The outlets planning to “collude to act like Sinclair” are set to publish their anti-Trump editorials on Thursday.

Fleischer also referenced the recent cries of “propaganda” from both the public and other media outlets when it was revealed that a number of Sinclair-owned stations were instructing their on-air personalities to read from the same script, and said that hundreds of newspapers colluding to publish anti-Trump editorials during the same news cycle was hardly any different.

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