NYT’s Op-Ed Columnist Charles Blow Says Trump N-Word Tape Would Increase Support Among His Base

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New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow claimed a tape of President Donald Trump saying the N-word would only fire up his political base on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday.

Blow said the Trump administration always expects the press to hit the reset button when they say something offensive and claimed the support among Trump’s base would increase if any racist recordings were made public. (RELATED: Trump Supporter Puts NYT’s Op-Ed Writer In His Place For Labeling Her: ‘It’s Insulting’)

“When you see a person who has basically done this and this is evidence of both racism, sexism, misogyny. Never apologized for it. Never walked away from it. How do you expect me or any other American who has seen that, to not take that into their calculation about his other behaviors and run everything he does through that filter?” Blow asked.

He said it would be “insane” to debate whether or not Trump is a racist and took a shot at the president’s base, claiming it would support him no matter what.


“Not doing that is kind of a point, a sign of insanity,” Blow continued. “We would be insane if we weren’t doing that. We would be insane if we kept questioning and saying this is a matter of opinion of whether he’s a racist or not. No it’s not — that’s deductive reasoning. He is, he is. And people have to basically cook that into the books. I think if you found the tape of him using the N-word, it might actually increase his support among the people who support him.”

Blow said Trump’s supporters actually want him to hurl racial slurs at people and are counting on him to continue breaking precedent and decorum each time he takes the stage.

“This does nothing to them. They are so baked in. They believe wholeheartedly in this approach that he is taking and none of these insults to people who look like me hurt them, because it is not them,” he said.

“And there is not a betrayal of their believe in him. It is not a betrayal of what they want him to do. This is exactly what they want him to do. If you’re still supporting him after Charlottesville, if you’re still supporting him after what he said about Haiti and African countries — if you’re still supporting what he said about Mexicans … then this is what you want from him.”

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