Dem Candidate For Vermont Governor Says ‘Not Sure’ What Socialism Is


Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Christine Hallquist became the first transgender person to win a major party nomination for governor of a state. Joining CNN Wednesday morning from that state of Vermont, Hallquist admitted, “I’m not sure I even know what socialism is,” when asked about the economic system.

Hallquist was asked a number of economic questions by the CNN anchor after declaring that rural economic development was a top priority for the campaign. “It is about economic growth for the bottom 20 percent on the economic ladder,” Hallquist said.

The host asked Hallquist’s views of capitalism and socialism, specifically citing that “for the first time, more Democrats viewed socialism favorably than capitalism.”

“I’m not big on labels, I find labels are used to separate people,” Hallquist said in response, “I look at the platform of a living wage and healthcare for all — that is called civilized society. I don’t even know how that became ‘socialism’ or Republican or Democrat — let’s be a civilized society.”

Hallquist went on to criticize capitalism, saying “it encouraging consumption, and we see what consumption is doing to our world.” When asked about supporting socialism, Hallquist gave a bewildering answer.

“I’m not sure I even know what socialism is. I just don’t have the background to answer that question,” Hallquist admitted.

Hallquist concluded that “Our democracy is threatened” under Trump.

“I’m going back to the fact that we’re all reacting to 2016. I hope our children and children’s children will look at 2018 and say that is when we made history and we can be proud of our democracy because it will have survived a despot. I think we all have to rise up and get involved. Our democracy is threatened.”