FBI Finally Fires Its Point Man In The Clinton Coverup And Russia-Collusion Concoction

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Sidney Powell Former Federal Prosecutor
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On Friday, the FBI finally fired Agent Peter Strzok — the Trump-hater at the epicenter of the Clinton email coverup, the creation of the Russia-collusion lie, investigator on Mueller’s hitsquad, and interviewer of General Flynn.

The Swamp has protected him for over a year—and even through the weekend of his firing as not a word of it leaked out until he had time to set up op-eds and an online funding account.

What a guy! From his frequently-pronounced demonical appearance to his hate-filled messages expressing his rage, contempt and disdain for Mr. Trump and determination to “stop” him, Strzok personified the politicization and weaponization of the FBI and Department of Justice that Trump was elected to terminate.

Agent Strzok, however, did far more than just exchange hateful text messages about Donald Trump and his supporters. Strzok was the point-person for many of the outrageous actions taken within the FBI and the Department of Justice to protect Hillary Clinton at all costs and to destroy the Trump candidacy and presidency.

Strzok was the lead investigator for the FBI’s cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s countless crimes in exposing classified information, creating national security issues, destroying evidence, and lying to the FBI in her use of an unsecured computer server in the regular conduct of State Department business. To that end, Mr. Strzok carried out multiple actions all designed to protect her and then persecute Trump.

First, by his own words, he rushed the conclusion of the investigation to clear her in time for her to take on Mr. Trump.

Second, it was Strzok who “interviewed” Mrs. Clinton after it had long been decided she would be cleared. Remarkably, even Agent Strzok apparently believed she was lying in that interview.

Third, it was Strzok who made sure Director Comey’s speech exonerated Mrs. Clinton. Strzok changed the language describing her conduct from “gross negligence”—the precise language in the Espionage Act — to “extremely careless” — which did not trigger the statute.

Fourth, and most damning, it was Strzok who buried the news and evidence of 675,000 Clinton emails — ten times the amount Clinton claimed to have. The New York agents found this “entire file” of Clinton emails on the laptop of infamous sexual predator Anthony Weiner in late September 2016 — about six weeks before the election.  

Aside from the obvious immediate danger of having so much government and secret correspondence in the hands of a now-convicted sex offender, Weiner is the husband of Hillary’s consigliere Huma Abedin. Obviously, these 675,000 emails were the real thing. The Weiner laptop held everything the FBI supposedly have been trying to find for ages. It even held the Blackberry backups that Comey himself called the “golden emails” that he anticipated might evidence Clinton’s intent.

Fifth, Strzok knew this treasure trove of evidence could implicate Clinton and countless other Obama administration officials who emailed either her or Huma — her known proxy — about classified and other information on what they knew was her unsecured server.  

They already knew that President Obama himself was using an alias to email her on that server while she was in Russia or in China where it could easily have been hacked. It would have been logical to think Robert Mueller, then-head of the FBI, then Attorney General Eric Holder, then White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, then NSA Lisa Monaco, and countless other high Obama Administration officials were also emailing Mrs. Clinton on her secret unsecured server.

Remember, the entire “Uranium One” deal happened while she was Secretary of State. This computer file went back to 2006.

Sixth, it was Strzok who made the first official trip initiating the “Russia-collusion lie, and then he prioritized it over reviewing the 675,000 Clinton emails and Blackberry backups that stunned the New York Agents and the thirty-nine agents on the secure video-conference in which this “bomb” of information was dropped on FBI headquarters.

Seventh, it was Strzok who was FBI point person with Bruce Ohr who ran the back-channel between the FBI, Department of Justice, FusionGPS and Christopher Steele after the FBI “fired” Steele from working on the dossier that served as the false basis to get the phony FISA warrants to conduct especially intrusive surveillance of former Trump campaign affiliate Carter Page. It may have been Strzok who signed those applications for the FBI, but the name of the agents who did that have been redacted.

Eighth, it was Strzok and an unnamed DOJ attorney who shut down FBI general counsel Jim Baker’s efforts to search the Weiner laptop for Huma’s emails and Clinton’s Blackberry emails which were absolutely crucial to any real investigation. The FBI knew many government officials emailed Huma to give emails to Mrs. Clinton.

Ninth, it was Strzok who was one of only three people who claimed to have reviewed all of the non-duplicative Clinton emails over the weekend before Comey declared for the second time — and just days before the election—there was nothing new there. Of course, there wasn’t — Mr. Strzok and Co. had made sure of it.

Tenth, Strzok with his lies, coverups and concoctions personified everything wrong with the FBI and Department of Justice’s conduct of the Clinton email coverup, abuses of surveillance powers and data, creation of the Russia-collusion lie, and the Robert Mueller investigation.

What is truly astounding is this list is not exhaustive—and we still await the report of the Inspector General on the FBI’s abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The super-secret FISA court has already found the FBI committed serious Fourth Amendment violations. Expect Agent Strzok, FusionGPS, Bruce Ohr, former Director Comey, and former Deputy Director McCabe to have a larger role in all the illegal and nefarious conduct.

Sidney Powell, former federal prosecutor and veteran of 500 federal appeals, is the author of “LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.” She is a senior fellow of the London Center for Policy Research and senior policy adviser for America First.

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