Both Women On Omarosa’s Latest Tapes Protest The Conversation Was Taken Out Of Context

(LEFT: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images, TOP RIGHT: CNN screenshot 8/14/2018, BOTTOM RIGHT: CNN screenshot 8/14/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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In two separate interviews on CNN, Both Lynne Patton and Katrina Pierson discredited the context of the tape Omarosa Newman released Tuesday of a phone call between them about the president’s alleged use of a racial slur.

In this specific tape, Patton said, “Well, sir, can you think of anytime this might have happened and he’s said, no,” to which Newman interrupted and refuting Patton’s claim.

Pierson concludes the conversation by saying, “No, he said it. He’s embarrassed.”

While the conversation could be interpreted as some sort of acknowledgement that the president said a racial slur, both Patton and Pierson revealed their side of the story.


“Well, Anderson, there were a lot of times that we talked about this tape, because Omarosa was literally obsessed with it. She brought it up constantly,” Patton stated. (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway: Omarosa Is ‘Ungrateful’)

She continued, “It’s clear now the reason she did was because she was surreptitiously recording us. In fact, a friend reminded me today, early on in the campaign I made a joke that she was probably recording us all. From very beginning, Omarosa has always been about Omarosa, and that has never been a secret to us.”

Pierson also denied the context of the tape and shed light on Omarosa’s credibility.


“She took two different audios submitted it to [CBS] where it was conflated into one story. Now since then, Erin, the transcripts have been released, thankfully, because now we can see there were two different discussions being had,” Pierson stated to Burnett. ” You don’t hear the hours upon hours of Omarosa’s consistent, constant — she really was a dog with a bone when it came to this tape.”

“Your viewers I’m pretty sure have run into an individual that is the complete epitome of annoying to where you absolutely have to finally give in in order to get on about your day. That happened a number of times because Omarosa is a bully,” she continued. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Blasts People Who Call The President Racist, He ‘Fights Fire With Fire’ Regardless Of Race)

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