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Vox Producer Says She’s ‘DTF’ On National TV [VIDEO]

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Vox Producer Liz Plank went on Ari Melber‘s MSNBC program “The Beat” Tuesday and told the host she was “DTF.”

“Republican or Democrat, we’re all DTF,” she said, with no hint of a smile or realization of what she was saying.

Then she explained matter-of-factly, “We’re all down to fix the tax code.”

Melber looked over at his other guest, attorney and TWT columnist Madison Gesioto, and tried to suppress his laugher.

Plank, meanwhile, had no smiles. Just more financial soundbites.

Apparently she was just DTF and ready to fix the…err…tax code.

The segment also addressed dating in the Trump era, which made Plank’s comment all the more jarring. Melber offered stats on how many Dem daters will give GOPers a shot — not many — versus how many conservatives are willing to romance liberals — many more.

Plank, meanwhile, is working on her first book: How to Be A Man.

A story in Elle Mag explains, “The book will examine the state of the modern man, offering both deeply sourced research into the state of manhood in this moment and a kind of handbook for how to be a fully evolved man in the twenty-first century. Like Justin Trudeau! Whom Plank has interviewed, of course.”

In that article, she offered men three pieces of advice.

  1. “Recognize that you, too, have a gender.” Plank says men grow up thinking they must dominate women and other men.
  2. “Don’t apologize for being a man, just take responsibility for it.” Plank says “Be kind to women.”
  3. “Don’t just be an ally among women, be a leader amongst men.” Plank says it’s important for men to have #MeToo conversations with other men — not just women.