Carlson Corners Liberal Radio Host On John Brennan: He’s Using His Clearance In His Role As A MSNBC Contributor

Fox News 8/16/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson debated Ethan Bearman on whether or not John Brennan had a right to his security clearance as the former CIA Director and current MSNBC contributor on Thursday night.


“So how does America benefit by John Brennan having a security clearance? I am completely confused,” Carlson stated.

Bearman argued that the sitting CIA director might need to confer with Brennan on ongoing issues, but Carlson wasn’t buying it.

He continued, “There is no scenario that you could create where we need to give John Brennan a security clearance. That’s a privilege that he has. It’s a tradition that we have. It may or may not be justifiable but it’s not his right. I mean that’s insane. He’s an unelected bureaucrat who now works as a contributor on a cable news channel, just like you, just like me. We don’t deserve security clearances, do we?”

Sarah Sanders announced the president would be revoking Brennan’s security clearance during the press briefing on Wednesday. (RELATED: Trump Revokes Ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan’s Security Clearance)

“Most of the press is considered the enemy of the people and now that Brennan is one of the less favored networks, he is an enemy of the people and therefore, one of the ways to silence him is to very publicly revoke his security clearance,” Bearman stated.

“In administrative law at least, Tucker, to take away somebody’s livelihood, so in this case maybe his security clearance could be argued that’s the source of his livelihood. Why is he at MSNBC?” he continued.

“Oh, so that tells you right there. Oh, I get it! So you’re conceding, you’re saying that John Brennan is viewing top secret information and using that in his role as an MSNBC contributor,” Carlson retaliated.

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