Marie Harf And Katie Pavlich Go Toe To Toe As ‘Outnumbered’ Panel Heats Up

Mike Brest Reporter
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A panel on “Outnumbered” got heated on Thursday when the topic turned to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comments saying that America was “never really great.” Within seconds, Fox News contributors Marie Harf and Katie Pavlich had squared off — and the segment went off the rails.


The segment began with the panel discussing Cuomo’s comments about America during a livestream on his website on Wednesday. The conversation then turned to Democrats in general and that’s when it started to go off the rails.

“My fellow Democrats believe that this is an exceptional country. We believe in American exceptionalism. We disagree with the president’s policies, and in terms of the country, a lot of politicians talk about problems. Donald Trump’s inauguration address was all about American carnage,” Marie Harf, a Fox News contributor, said. “Katie, what do you think President Trump is referring to when he says ‘Make America Great Again’?” (RELATED: Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America ‘Was Never That Great’)

“The economy and how bad it was under Barack Obama for nearly a decade of my life,” Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich responded. “But I want to respond, I could give Andrew Cuomo the benefit of the doubt if Democrats did not have a track record over recent years of being unpatriotic. Putting up with NFL players kneeling for the national anthem.”

“Andrew Cuomo yesterday did not flub anything. This is the pattern of Democrats over the past ten years, they’re not out there saying how great America actually is,” Pavlich continued.

“I think the accusation that Democrats are unpatriotic, and putting Barack Obama in that list Katie, you and I are friends. I am so offended by what you just said,” Harf retaliated.

Pavlich responded, “Do you think standing for the national anthem is a patriotic act? Yes or no.”

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