MSNBC Guest Floats Insane Theory About GOP — His Fellow Panelists’ Faces Say It All

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MSNBC contributor and national affairs analyst John Heilemann said he is “fairly certain” 10% of the GOP would allow Donald Trump to kill their grandparents during a “Morning Joe” segment on Thursday.


The “Morning Joe” panel was tearing into Donald Trump supporters perceived unrelenting loyalty, referencing Russian collusion polling specifically.

“You used the example, the bad example, of what would be the core that would say it was ok for Donald Trump to dissolve media institutions? I would like a pollster to ask this question: How many people in the Republican Party think it would be ok for Donald Trump to dissolve their own grandparents?” Heilemann asked the panel.

“I’m virtually certain if it was a Donald Trump-related question you’d get like 10 percent that would be like ‘Donald Trump has the power to do whatever he wants–like kill my grandparents,” Heilemann said.

The panel was visibly taken aback by the remarks, to which Heilemann replied, “Don’t look so appalled.”

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