Hannity And Mankin Bury MSNBC’s Heilemann For Bizarre Comment About Trump Supporters

Mike Brest Reporter
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Sean Hannity and Michelle Mankin took turns bashing MSNBC contributor John Heilemann for his outrageous claim that 10 percent of the GOP would be okay with the president killing their grandparents on Hannity’s show Thursday night.


“How many people in the media would be angry at Donald Trump if he cured cancer? Seriously, kill our parents? Then, of course, you have the liberal governor from the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, saying America ‘never was great,'” Hannity began. “OK, tell that to the brave men and women that helped defeat communism, which oppressed how many millions and killed how many millions in the former Soviet Union and fascism and Nazism in imperial Japan.”

Hannity began the segment by airing a clip of MSNBC contributor and national affairs analyst Heilemann saying he is “fairly certain” 10 percent of the GOP would allow Donald Trump to kill their grandparents during a “Morning Joe” segment Thursday morning. (RELATED: MSNBC Guest Floats Insane Theory About GOP – His Fellow Panelists’ Faces Say It All)

Mankin responded, “I mean, he’s got contempt for Trump voters and independent thinkers that is coming, like, oozing out of his pores. And it’s that kind of elite media condescension that put President Trump in large part in office in the first place. So please keep going. Please double and triple down. It worked so well for you, liberal media, in 2016.”

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