This Power Bank Can Be Your On-The-Go Wall Outlet

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Last weekend, I had to travel back to the swamp city of Washington, DC after a nice summer weekend in Connecticut. In the past, I have had to be parsimonious about using my electronic devices during travel time. I certainly would not want my iPhone to die before I reach my destination, especially since it was my prime method of navigating my way home. But thanks to the modern-day invention of the portable power bank (and the subsequent fact that the technology they use has gotten very good), I do not have to worry.

This power bank is first in class. At 24000 mAh capacity, it provides ultra high capacity and power, with the ability to charge not just your smartphone but also your tablet and even your laptop with its 80W AC output. Imagine being able to take your very own wall outlet anywhere you go. That’s the power this offers.

Right now, Daily Caller readers can save 15 percent on this useful device, by using the code OMARSQ15:

Normally $80, this power bank is 15 percent off with the code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $80, this power bank is 15 percent off with the code (Photo via Amazon)

Omars AC Power Bank, 24000mAh AC Outlet Laptop Portable Battery Pack Travel Charger Output Two USB Ports, 80w Output, 88Wh Universal Travel Charger Compatible MacBook, Laptops. on sale for $67.99 with code OMARSQ15

Check out some of the customer reviews. Amazon top 500 reviewer Minnesota Mike wrote, “Plenty of storage capacity, rapid charging feature and a built in power inverter!”:

I really love gadgets! I still have and use my portable MP3 player, I have two work phones, a tablet, my personal phone…and this doesn’t even take into account my wife’s phone or the kids tablet. Needless to say, we are not always around a vehicle or home power to keep things charged up. I have a couple smaller 5 and 8,000mAh power banks but I needed something with more capacity, so I thought I would give this unit a try.

Many smart phones today have a battery capacity of 3,000mAh. My tablet holds almost 13,000mAh of battery charge! This Omars unit holds a whopping 24K mAh of capacity and as a big added bonus, it has a small power inverter so you can even plug in a small 110 volt (household power) item. This won’t charge a big laptop because it can only handle 88-120 watts of peak 110v power, but it’s a nice plus. I’ve already used it to charge my dog’s E-collar as well as my portable flashlight. It’s a really nice bonus.

The two USB outputs can rapidly charge your device by putting out 2.2 amps of power. I confirmed this with a meter and my smart phone also says “charging rapidly”, so I know it’s working well. The size of this power bank is about the same size as a tablet and a bit thicker, so it’s not going to fit in your pocket. It’s not too heavy and packs nicely in my suitcase or in my backpack. I’m looking forward to taking it on a camping trip where it will hold plenty of power to keep our phones charged up. I have a sneaking feeling I’ll be charging everyone else’s phone too!

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Brock M wrote, “Nice to bring camping or traveling”:

Read more customer reviews here. This code expires September 30.
Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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