Brennan Implies Trump Could Start A War To Divert Negative Media Attention From Himself

MSNBC 8/17/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former CIA Director John Brennan went after the president in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Friday, suggesting that he could conceivably start a war as a means of diverting negative media attention from himself.


The segment began with Maddow reading a Washington Post story that said the White House intentionally decided to revoke Brennan’s clearance this week to divert the media’s attention from Omarosa Newman’s tapes.

“The fact that he’s using a security clearance of a former CIA director as a pawn in his public relations strategy, I think, is just so reflective of somebody who, quite frankly, don’t want to use this term maybe, but he’s drunk on power. He really is. And I think he’s abusing the powers of that office,” Brennan stated.  (RELATED: Trump Revokes Ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan’s Security Clearance)

He then called out the president’s party, saying, “Are the Republicans on the Hill who have given him a pass, are they going to wait for a disaster to happen before they actually find their back bones and spines to speak up against somebody who clearly, clearly is not carrying out his responsibilities with any sense of purpose and common sense?”

“What happens if he wants to do something on the foreign front in terms of some type of military adventure. You know, the wag the dog scenario as a way to distract attention. As things get increasingly tough for him and the waters get even choppier. How desperate is he going to become? What else is he going to do to distract attention?” Brennan continued.

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