Giuliani Mocks FBI, Mueller — Asks For The Hillary Clinton Treatment

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani brought jokes to “The Story With Martha MacCallum” on Monday night, claiming that he asked the Mueller team for “the Hillary Clinton treatment” when the two sides were trying to agree on a set of questions that the president would answer.


“I said to them sarcastically, kind of like I did with Brennan today, he said ‘What kind of questioning would you agree to?’ I said, I’d kind of like to get the Hillary Clinton treatment. You know, you give us the questions in advance. It’s not under oath, you don’t keep Q&A, we just do it like a little report,” Giuliani stated. (RELATED: Brennan Is Threatening To Sue Over His Clearance. Giuliani’s Response Will Make Him Think Twice)

Giuliani has consistently denounced any meeting between the president and Robert Mueller.

“By the way you write the report that I’m innocent before you even question me. You give me one of those and I can say yes to that,” he continued. “So they said, ‘well we don’t want to do it the way Comey did it, he’s being criticized for that.’ He was criticized for trying to affect the 2016 election. They shouldn’t want to be criticized for trying to affect the 2018 election.”

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