Navy SEAL Rips Gov. Cuomo For Saying America “Was Never That Great”

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Navy SEAL veteran and entrepreneur Eli Crane was “very disappointed” after Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said America “was never that great” last week, according to IJR.

“I believe his very comments prove once again just how great this country really is,” Crane said. “You can freely say just about anything as false, ignorant and stupid as Governor Cuomo’s comments … you won’t be thrown in the slammer or receive 50 lashes like you might under several tyrannical regimes around the world.”

“Whenever I hear comments like these, I often think to myself, ‘If we aren’t great, then who the hell is?’ Show me another country that has created more wealth in such a short period of time. Or a country that developed more innovation like the light bulb, GPS, the airplane, the internet and the Bottle Breacher to name a few,” Crane, who is the CEO of Bottle Breacher, said. “Show me a country that has welcomed more immigrants and enabled more of them to transcend poverty than the USA. One out of every three millionaires in the USA is a first-generation American or foreign-born. What country has done more for the equality of minorities than the USA?”

“I’m not surprised to see this disgraceful rhetoric coming from a liberal politician in today’s political landscape,” Crane said. “Why are we seeing these kinds of talking points from the left?”

Crane was not the only veteran to condemn Cuomo’s comments about America. (RELATED: Double Amputee Marine Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones Gives Andrew Cuomo A Civics Lesson)

“As I ponder these thoughts and wonder if we will lose this country to the delusional and the ungrateful, I am reminded of my time as a Navy SEAL,” the combat veteran said. “I learned firsthand that the most effective motive and emotion in war is love. It isn’t hatred, anger, revenge or justice. That is why I am convinced that we will Make America Great Again for my children, my grandchildren and for future generations.”

After receiving backlash for his comments, a statement was released by Cuomo’s press secretary redacting his original comments and instead saying, “The Governor believes America is great and that her full greatness will be fully realized when every man, woman, and child has full equality. America has not yet reached its maximum potential.”