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Stormy Daniels Lashes Out At UK Tabloid, Says She Had No Panties

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Oh boy. Absurd presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti may have to get a leash on his porn star client Stormy Daniels. And I don’t mean to suggest she’s a dog. Just that he might want to have some control about what she says in public.

When a UK tabloid wrote a story about her dropping out of “Celebrity Big Brother” because of intense fear for her safety and staff “rifling” through her suitcase, Stormy fired back, saying she didn’t even have panties in her luggage.

Who needs panties?

Anyhow…here’s what Stormy had to say on Sunday to The Sun.

“LOL! Is it even possible to buy a gun in England? I’ve also been traveling with the same 2 bodyguards since March&no one rifled thru my underwear…because I didn’t have any,” the porn actress snapped  on Twitter. “At the rate of ridiculousness these stories are being written, I assume I will aboard my spaceship by 6pm.”

The story doesn’t actually say anything about anyone rifling through her underwear, so it’s a little bizarre that she even mentioned it. The piece says she has grown “increasingly paranoid” and called her “terrified.” It seems she had no reaction to the claim that she turned into a major diva when her “chips” didn’t arrive to her hotel room.