93-Year-Old Woman Arrested On Her Birthday

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Simone Dumont of Augusta, Maine was voluntarily ‘arrested’ as her 93rd birthday gift in July. Simone is apparently a mega-fan of the show “Cops,” her daughter Anne Dumont said in a post on Facebook, which sparked the idea for the playful arrest.

Anne arranged for Augusta police to come out and show Simone what it’s like to be a cop and to be arrested (gently, of course – no handcuffs involved).

“On July 9, 2018 Mom got arrested. Yep, arrested. I told you guys that she was the bad one, but you didnt believe me!!” Anne said in the Facebook post.

“The real story? I had pre-arranged for the police to come and “gently arrest” her. She turned 93 on July 7th. Mom loves to watch the show Cops. She goes on about how the police have the worse job and what they have to deal with ….. and she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat….. ah, so see, yes, that’s where the idea came from so its her own fault.”

Simone got to sit in the back seat of a patrol car, and the front seat, and she even got an Augusta police junior officer decal as a souvenir.

“She happily got to see the inside of the police car. Front and back and also pushed the siren button until it whaled. A momentous event.”

“Thank you Officer P. Doody. You are now referred to by her as “her cop”,” Anne captioned a picture of her mom and Officer P. Doody hugging.

The Augusta police department seemed to enjoy the celebration as well. “Thanks for sharing your story with us. We were very proud to have been invited,” they said on Facebook.