Civil Rights Veteran Scolds Those Who Tear Down Statues

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Bob Woodson, civil rights activist and founder of The Woodson Center, chastised the individuals who tore down a Confederate statue calling them “frauds” during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“I am outraged that as a veteran of the Civil Rights movement — we fought to fulfill the dream of America. We supported our founding values and our principles and we also didn’t destroy anything in the name of justice. For those people out there who are supposed to be heirs of that legacy, they are a fraud. I am against taking those statues down. To remember something doesn’t mean you are celebrating it,” Woodson said.

“So you are saying that having the statue up is not a celebration of the confederacy. It’s a way for the rest of us to remember what it was in the triumph over it by the United States?” Tucker asked.

“That’s right. It’s also being just misused by members of the left to really denigrate the values of this nation. That’s what it is. And they are using race, but what it does, Tucker, also is deflect attention away from the more critical issues that we are facing, particularly in black America where we have more blacks killed in one year than were killed in 70 years,” Woodson responded.

The civil rights activist concluded his segment by claiming the real attention and outrage should be directed not at statues, but rather at the fact that “we have more blacks killed in one year than were killed in 70 years — lynched in 70 years between 1873-1950, 4,000 blacks were lynched brutally, but 6,000 blacks were killed in one year … That’s where we ought to be putting our time and attention.”

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