Democrat Congressional Candidate Calls Trump’s Immigration Policy ‘Literally Kidnapping’

YouTube screenshot form America Rising ICYMI

Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Congressional candidate Sean Casten called President Trump’s immigration policy “literally kidnapping” during a debate with the incumbent, Congressman Roskam, on Wednesday.


“What we have right now, under Trump’s actions, which — let’s call it what they are. It’s a kidnapping, right? We first kidnapped the executive order of DACA to go and get a wall we didn’t need, and now we are literally kidnapping babies at the border,” Casten stated.

“There’s still five hundred kids who haven’t been reunited. That plan that’s being carried out is essentially the plan you were voting for consistently,” he went on to say.

The president’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy received a lot of backlash earlier this year. The policy, which was then revoked by an executive order, separated families that were apprehended attempting to illegally enter the country.

The debate was in front of the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.

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