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Dershowitz To Radio Show: ‘Stormy’s Case Is A Nothing Nothing Case’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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O.J. attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared on the “Bernie and Sid in the Morning” ABC radio program Wednesday and blasted porn star Stormy Daniels, her media whore attorney, Michael Avenatti, and the media.

Dershowitz called bullshit on Avenatti insisting he is going to depose President Trump in the Stormy civil suit.

“I have no idea why this case is in the news,” Dershowitz groused to New Yorker City listeners. “It’s a nothing nothing case. It’s going nowhere. I don’t even know what she’s suing him for. She got the money. She engaged in the kind of conduct she engaged in. Why are people making a hero out of her or her lawyer? This case is going nowhere. I guarantee you Donald Trump will not be deposed by Avenatti. …It’s  is a nothing nothing case. It’s not even clear what they’re asking for. I think the case will be thrown out of court.”

Dershowitz dinged the media, saying it is outrageously giving Avenatti so much attention and that it’s “pouring oil on the flames.”