Former ICE Director Thomas Homan Explains What America Looks Like Without ICE

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency director Thomas Homan explained what the country would look like if ICE was abolished. Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday night, Homan said that President Trump’s picture — of open borders and the dangers that come with that policy — is accurate.


“The president’s right, it equals open borders. If you enter this country illegally and happen to get by the border patrol no one is looking for you,” Homan stated. “If you get arrested by the border patrol and get released because you are waiting to see a judge and you don’t show up in court or you show up in court and get an order of removal and don’t leave like over half a million that currently exist in this country, no one is looking for you.”

The segment began with a clip of Senator Gillibrand calling for the abolition of ICE. She was one of the first active Congress members to make such a statement. It has since become a common stance among the Democratic Party. (RELATED: Kirsten Gillibrand: First Senator To Call For ICE To Be Abolished)

“The president’s right, abolishing ICE equals open borders — less criminal aliens will be arrested, less drug traffickers will be arrested, less child predators will be arrested, less children would be safe from child predators. It’s just terrible to even think about,” he continued.

“They are vilifying them for enforcing laws that Congress enacted. I just watched the video clip. I’m a native new Yorker and I’m disgusted by the governor of New York Cuomo and Senator Gillibrand,” Homan added. “I’ve done more for the safety and security of New York state by arresting 5,000 criminal aliens off the street in New York that walked out of their sanctuary jails. They all say concentrate on criminals, concentrate on criminals, but you can’t come into our jail. It’s a ridiculous argument. But they are not going to bully ICE for doing our jobs.”

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