ISIS Suspected In Northern Iraq Suicide Bombing

ISIS flag AFP/Getty Images/Fadel Senna

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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A suicide bombing in northern Iraq early Wednesday morning has left at least six Sunni militiamen dead and another seven wounded. Although no group has yet to take credit, most experts believe this attack to be the work of Islamic State terrorists.

According to a report from Reuters, the attack’s intended target was Adnan al-Ganam, the leader of the Tribal Mobilisation Forces, an organization of several Sunni militias who support the Iraqi government and fight against ISIS.

“A militant wearing a suicide vest blew himself up just after midnight at Adnan al-Ganam’s house in the village of Asdira,” said Colonel Khalil al-Sahn, the police chief of surrounding Shirqat district during an interview with Reuters.

Al-Ganam, who previously served as a lawmaker before becoming a military commander, was reportedly unharmed in the attack.

The attack took place in the village of Asdira, in the Saladin Governorate. The Saladin Governorate continues to battle against ISIS, who remain active in the area. Although the Iraqi government declared ISIS defeated late last year, loosely-organized bands of terrorists continue to wage an insurgency which favors kidnapping and suicide attacks.