Jewish Democratic Assemblyman Calls Out His Own Party For Politicizing ICE’s Nazi Arrest

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Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind of New York went after his own party, on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, for politicizing the arrest of World War II Nazi Jakiw Palij.

“This is huge. You’re talking about someone who participated in the final solution. Someone who was involved in the murder of men, women and children. Living in our community. Living in America,” Hikind said. “Breathing the air, enjoying this wonderful country while he deprived so many people of their life.” (RELATED: Former NYPD Officer Blames Bureaucracy Of Immigration System For Letting Nazi Slip Through The Cracks)

Palij was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers Monday, after it was discovered he had lied about his role in the Holocaust and was hiding in America.

Hikind, whose mother was in Auschwitz, said the case is personal to him and asked God to bless President Donald Trump for finally getting Palij out of the country.


“I would say that it wasn’t taken seriously enough,” he continued. “Talk is cheap. You had you eight years of [former President Barack] Obama. You had [former President George W.] Bush before that. Everybody said, ‘Yeah we have got to get rid of this guy.’ But nobody wants him. But the bottom line is if you make this a priority, it’s a moral issue. Okay? And President Trump, God bless him.”

Hikind praised Trump for getting things done and chastised Democrats for trying to use the story as a political barb against the commander in chief.

“Bottom line, getting things done. You can talk and talk is cheap. Getting things done is what President Trump just did,” Hikind said. “It is huge and it’s not about being a Democrat or Republican. As a Democrat, I say to my fellow Democrats, stop this nonsense. Stop making everything into a political thing. When the president does something huge, like getting rid of the last Nazi from Queens, New York, say, ‘Thank you Mr. President for doing an amazing thing.'”

“It’s almost like fellow Democrats don’t want the president to do well,” he concluded. “They don’t want him to do well because they’re afraid they’re not going to do well in the elections. It’s not about what’s best for America. It’s purely politics.”

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