Reporter Congratulates Sarah Sanders On 100th Press Briefing

Mike Brest Reporter
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A White House reporter congratulated press secretary Sarah Sanders on her 100th press briefing and acknowledged the difficulty of her job during a Wednesday afternoon conference.


“Thank you, Sarah. I’d like to congratulate you. This is your 100th briefing, and there’s no way what you do every day is easy,” Jake Turx said, the senior White House correspondent for Ami Magazine. According to their site, they are “a weekly publication distributed worldwide” that sets “a new standard in Jewish media.”

Sarah Sanders smiled and thanked the reporter before he asked his question.

The rest of the press briefing was contentious as Sanders was asked questions about the plea agreement President Trump’s former associate Michael Cohen agreed to, on Tuesday. He claimed he violated campaign finance law at the direction of President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. (RELATED: Cohen Says He Violated Campaign Finance Law At Trump Direction)

She became the press secretary over a year ago, in July of 2017.

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