This $14 Indoor Antenna Lets You Enjoy Live HDTV Without Paying Cable Fees

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Now that Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services are where most people get their TV shows and movies these days, it’s getting easier than ever to cut the cord and ditch cable altogether. If you decide to take that plunge but still don’t want to miss out on your live news, sports programs, and more — don’t worry, there’s something perfect for you. With an Indoor HDTV Antenna, watch all your favorite games, news programs, and more live on standard broadcast channels without paying for cable.

Normally $38, this HDTV antenna is 63 percent off

Normally $38, this HDTV antenna is 63 percent off

Indoor HDTV Antenna on sale for $13.99

This antenna improves upon traditional ones in a handful of ways while still providing the best channels around. First off, it’s easy to install. Meaning, it’ll take you minutes to get up and running watching the big game or breaking news in high definition.

Second, the antenna is compact. You can hide it out of sight with the included velcro patches, which is helpful if your TV rests in a living room. Even cooler, the antenna has a black side and a white side, giving you the opportunity to match it with your decor.

Third, this HDTV antenna receives both HDTV and digital signals, letting you watch local, national, and regional television from the comfort of your couch but without paying a dime in cable fees.

Enjoy cable broadcasts without paying cable fees with an Indoor HDTV Antenna for $13.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 63% off its original price of $38.

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