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Afternoon Mirror: Sadly, The Mooch’s Childhood Problem Could Not Land Him A TV Show

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Quote of the Day:


Kelly Cohen, reporter, The Washington Examiner.

Some journos made fun of her for that…

“Everyone plz pray for @politiCOHEN as her father, Michael, goes through this tumultuous period of time.” — Al Weaver, political reporter, The Washington Examiner.

“I’m screaming LMAO.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag.

Journo is ‘sad’ he can’t post his baby’s picture on Twitter 

“The sad thing about Twitter is that while my wife recently delivered our beautiful little daughter, I can’t post a picture of her for fear of someone doing something awful to it (as they’ve already done with photos of me). Regardless, mom and baby are doing swimmingly.” — Holmes Lybrand, fact checker, The Weekly Standard.

Porn star Stormy Daniels discusses her cleanliness….down there 

Liberal Ballbuster: “Hey Stormy Daniels no one likes a nasty cunt!”

Stormy Daniels: “Agreed! Which is why I wash mine daily.”

Something about the alt-right, Jews, Cernovich and MSNBC 

“The alt-right is obsessed with Jew bashing. Mike Cernovich hired me, a Jew, to be the face of Cernovich News. The alt-right hates both of us. MSNBC: ⁦‪@Cernovich‬⁩ is alt-right. This is slander and MSNBC should be sued into bankruptcy for telling such damning lies routinely.” — Andrew Meyer, Cernovich News, which, at the moment, is a Twitter feed.

Michael Avenatti, attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, has a message for the famed Alan Dershowitz, who thinks his case is shit and going nowhere: “Btw, stop talking about our case because you clearly know absolutely nothing about it.”

White House reporter wants prayers for 97-year-old dad 

“For all those who follow me, please keep in your hearts and prayers my Dad, 97-year-old Al Gizzi–U.S. Marine veteran of WWII, retired Teamster, loyal friend and gentleman.” — John Gizzi, Newsmax.

The Observer 

“Hey @realDonaldTrump — someone can’t be a rat unless you are a criminal. Innocent people never rant about rats.” — Judd Apatow.

NYT reporter: GOP donors can’t ignore Trump ‘noise’ anymore 

“Just talked one of Trump’s earliest supporters & true believers – very rattled – who’s been talking to big GOP donors. They want to support Trump. They tried hard to ignore all the noise. They can’t anymore. ‘They’re over it. This is not how a president comports himself.'” — Jeremy Peters, reporter, NYT.


“I spilled smoothie all over myself and my desk while fielding multiple news slacks, thus making me officially a rom com heroine. I am sticky and awaiting the arrival of my standard issue hunk by post or courier.” — Julie Beck, senior editor, The Atlantic.

The worst, most disgusting  thing you’ll read all day 

Warning: You won’t be able to unring this bell. 

Former White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci admits he wet his bed until age 11. And yes, TMI, Anthony. Here.

Journo’s nephew seeks an unbiased news source

“Bless my nephew’s heart, via text: ‘Aunt Kim, I’m in current events class and we have to watch the news. In your professional opinion, what’s a fairly reliable news source?’ Oh, sweet child, untarnished by the world. How I wish you could remain that way!” — Kimberly Ross, senior contributor, RedState.


“I can’t even turn on a TV today. So disgusted.” — Neal Boortz, retired radio host.

CNN’s Stelter dinged for trashing another’s ‘softball’ interview 

Why does it all feel  like Stelter wants a lollipop for his work? 

Caleb Hull is director of content at Targeted Victory. He’s a former senior editor at IJR.

Brian Stelter: “I made a list of all 18 questions @AinsleyEarhardt asked President Trump on @FoxAndFriends. Let’s play softball!”

Caleb Hull: “Bro, you should probably sit this one out. You gave Bill de Blasio one of the most embarrassing, softball interviews ever seen on your network.”

Gossip Roundup



How everyone’s handling Ben Affleck return to rehab…

Who broke the story: TMZ. See here.

A+: Entertainment Tonight gets props for an anonymous source who explained more about what led to Afflect’s relapse. Here.

Worst: People. They don’t credit TMZ…and they “confirmed” the news. What the f–k does that even mean? TMZ broke it. So that site confirmed it. The mag links itself four times. CNN also doesn’t cite TMZ. But guess who does? Yup… Fox News. See here. No links for losers.

Interesting twist: Page Six gives TMZ rightful credit AND has the funny detail that Affleck hit up Jack in the Box on the way to rehab. Here.