‘He’s The Devil Himself!’ – Former President Of Mexico Vicente Fox Attacks Donald Trump

CRTV YouTube screenshot

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox got into a heated back and forth with Eric Bolling on CRTV Wednesday night, while discussing the costs of building a wall to separate Mexico and the United States and who would pay for it.


Bolling and Fox were going back and forth arguing about how the wall could be built and paid for. The former suggested that the United States could just add a one dollar tax on the “barrels of gasoline we send to you, [additionally,] above market. We’ll pay for the wall in five years”

“Eric, yeah, it sounds very reasonable, like getting one dollar from your salary – your salary,” Fox said. “You pay for the wall. Why should we pay for the wall?”

Bolling then played a clip of President Trump during his rally in West Virginia on Tuesday, where he made a reference to the former North American leader.

“He is the devil himself, Trump. He’s the devil himself. He’s laughing at us and we will not tolerate that. We have dignity. We have pride, and we don’t like him playing around with us. In Mexico, nobody likes him. If he likes us, very good, but we don’t like him,” he responded.

The back and forth got very heated and abruptly ended with Fox’s feed unexpectedly cutting out.

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