ICE Arrests Illegal Immigrants In Workers Union, Infuriating One DNC Member

ICE immigration Getty Images/John Moore

Mike Brest Reporter
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A Democratic National Committee member expressed frustration at ICE because they arrested illegal immigrants that were part of his union at the DNC’s summer meetings in Chicago on Thursday.


“My union represents workers in a meatpacking plant in Salem, Ohio. One day, our members when to work processing bacon, as they do every day, and ICE showed up with semi-automatic weapons, with guns pointed in people’s faces, with a helicopter hovering overhead, and 146 people were detained,” the member said.

“Eighty of them are still in detention. Some of them were detained for the crime of not bringing their papers to work that day,” he continued.

The raid referenced took place in June at the meat supplier Fresh Mark. ICE agents arrested 98 men and 48 women, the majority of which came to the United States illegally from Guatemala and obtained employment using stolen or fraudulent documentation. (RELATED: ICE Nabs Nearly 150 Illegal Immigrants At Ohio Meat-Packing Plant)

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