Gutfeld Rips Media To Shreds Over Mollie Tibbetts: ‘Murder Matters More Than A Bad 1040’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took aim at establishment media on “The Five” Wednesday, attacking the tone of coverage of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts’ murder: “For most of us Americans, we know a true victim when we see her. It ain’t the IRS, or Stormy.”

Gutfeld was responding to comments made by Christine Greer, who claimed that Fox News was ignoring the real news regarding Manafort and Cohen to talk about “some girl in Iowa” on MSNBC Tuesday.

“Right. A girl in Iowa,” Gutfeld said sarcastically, “A girl in Iowa murdered pales in importance when compared to tax evasion. If you talk about Mollie, you can’t talk about the things the media thinks is important. To the press, your sorrow has got to be political. The hush money among adults is more harmful to society than a brutal killing.”

Gutfeld continued, calling out the media’s “obsession” with Manafort and Cohen: “But for most Americans, we know a true victim when we see her. It ain’t the IRS or Stormy. We are smeared for thinking murder matters more than a bad 1040 — maybe we need to help the media find equivalencies. Let me ask you, how many Mollies is a Michael Cohen worth?”

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