Activist Says The Sky Is Crying Over Kavanaugh

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An activist said rain is actually the sky’s way of crying over Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court during an organized protest on Wednesday.


With posters in the background reading, “Working women will #StopKavanaugh,” one passionate activist took the stage to deliver some remarks about the judge’s nomination.

“And that Brett Kavanaugh is a grave threat for women’s rights, grave threat to labors rights, grave threat for immigrants rights, grave threat to workers rights, grave threat to our union,” she exclaimed.

The crowd cheered as she continued, “We women unitedly disagree with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat in the highest judiciary system in our land. If that will happen, where is America going? If that will happen, what is America now?”

The activist then pointed out the fact that it was raining and offered a theory as to why.

“The sky is even crying. Yes, the sky is crying for the American people. If we are not heard, if we are not listened to, if our voices are sat down, then who is America?” she concluded.

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are set to begin sometime next month, in spite of Democrats pleas to delay hearings in light of the recent Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort indictments.

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