Kellyanne Conway Takes Jabs At CNN In Heated Interview On Chris Cuomo’s Show

CNN 8/23/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway attacked both CNN and Chris Cuomo for their coverage of the president during an extended interview on CNN Thursday night.


They were discussing the video of President Trump on a plane saying he was unaware of Michael Cohen’s payments to women who alleged affairs with the president and whether or not he was telling the truth.

“There’s a little difference between you and me and the shop you’re working for – integrity,” Cuomo stated.

Conway intervened, “The White House? How dare you! Don’t you dare.”

“You should admit he’s lying, and you don’t and that’s why people don’t trust you,” he responded.

She countered, “You know why, maybe your audience doesn’t because this is no longer the CNN who breaks news, this is the CNN of opinion and anti-Trump stuff.”

The interview got heated at multiple points. In one particularly contentious moment, Conway accused the CNN host of being jealous of Fox News’ ratings. (RELATED: Conway Asks If Cuomo Is Jealous Of Fox News’ Ratings)

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