Protester Protests DNC For ‘Scoffing’ At Other Protesters

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A protester stood up during the Democratic National Committee’s Summer Meeting on Thursday and complained that the DNC was “scoffing” at other protesters.


An environmental group had just finished protesting at the DNC meeting in Chicago over the committee’s hypocrisy on fossil fuel donations when the lone liberal protester stood up.

The protester scolded the DNC for how they treated the environmental group.

“I feel it is my moral imperative to speak about this right now and I did not plan to speak out today but I did after watching the Sunrise Movement,” the protester ranted. “The reason I am doing this is multiple people in this room scoffed.”

“I care about the party, folks. You’re scoffing at me too. Those folks drove here from Michigan for the environment, they care about the world, they care about the party, and they care about leadership,” he continued. “And shame at anybody in this room who scoffed at them for doing their moral imperative, thank you.”

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