REPORT: Comey’s FBI Read Less Than 1 Percent Of Weiner’s Laptop Emails

(Fox News 8/23/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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RealClear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry basically accused former FBI Director James Comey of lying under oath Thursday, referring to his bombshell investigative report that the Bureau reviewed a mere fraction of the emails contained on disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop.


“James Comey told Congress that they had reviewed all of the Clinton emails, hundreds of thousands, that were found on the Weiner laptop. But that was not true. They barely looked at any of them. Just 3,000 of 700,000,” Sperry began during his appearance on Fox News’s “Ingraham Angle.”

Jason Chaffetz, who was filling in for Laura Ingraham, interrupted, “Wait, wait, wait. They looked at how many?”

“3,000 out of potentially relevant 700,000 emails were actually individually examined for classified information and incriminating evidence,” Sperry continued. “Peter Strzok, the disgraced agent who was in charge of this midyear investigation into the Clinton emails, he actually personally handpicked the 3,000 sample. And with two other investigators, they went through them all supposedly, pulled an all-nighter, ordered pizza, and said nothing new here. Case closed once again.”

Sperry’s investigative piece specified, saying that 3,077 emails were “directly reviewed.”

“I’ve got to tell you, as the former chairman of the committee, as a former member of Congress, I mean, how can that be anything other than the director of the FBI lying to Congress and misleading us?” Chaffetz asked.

Sperry concluded, “Well he also swore under oath, that, he had this story that there was this miraculous breakthrough in technology that allowed the FBI to process the Weiner laptop for evidence rapidly. Turns out that doesn’t pass the smell test. That didn’t check out either. Turns out there was a technical glitch that thwarted that effort.”

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