Hannity Panel Mocks Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff

Mike Brest Reporter
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A panel on Sean Hannity’s Friday night show discussing the Russian collusion probe quickly spiraled into a little fun at the expense of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for claiming to have evidence to support the allegations.


The panel was hosted by Judge Jeanine Pirro — who was filling in for Hannity — and included Florida Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, Fox News contributor Charles Hurt and Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch.

“And Congressmen, Adam Schiff, do you ever run into him and say, ‘Gee, where is that Russian collusion thing?’ The guy who couldn’t stop himself from running in front of a camera every 24 hours and talk about it. ‘It’s coming, it’s coming.’ Have you asked him like personally in the lunch room, ‘is it coming?'” Pirro asked. (RELATED: Rep. Schiff’s ‘Trump Dunk’ Called Out As Trainwreck In Record Time)

“Well I was just going to say judge, I don’t think you can ever get to him except for when he’s in front of a CNN camera. So it just isn’t something that’s feasible,” DeSantis responded.

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