Former Hillary Clinton Adviser Points Out Double Standard In Mueller Investigation

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn said there’s an obvious double standard in the way President Donald Trump is being treated in the Mueller probe, compared to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

“I think everybody sees that a double standard occurred here. That the investigations related to the email were handled with kid gloves,” Penn said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. (RELATED: NYT Reporter Says She Still Knows People Who Are In Therapy Because Of Clinton Loss)

“And the investigations related to Trump, you know, [were] handled with, let’s say all-out prosecutorial force of government and deep state might. And everybody sees how these two things were handled differently.”


Penn said it was uncalled for to go after a newly elected president with full force while his opponent was allowed to skate by unscathed.

“The important thing now is that this has real relevance to American politics,” Penn declared. “I don’t care if they would have given them both light treatments but to give one, particularly, the newly elected president from day one this kind of scrutiny of all his campaign aides, of all his associates and basically looking for crimes so that they could flip them.”

He referenced the plea deal of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and said the only reason prosecutors leaned on him was to get at the president.

“Look what happened here with Cohen,” Penn concluded. “They found several million dollars of tax problems with Cohen and they got him to plead to crimes that I don’t even think were crimes when it comes to election law.”

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