Rising Singer Alleges He Was Drug-Raped By Same-Sex Opera Couple

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Rising operatic baritone Samuel Schultz is alleging he was drug-raped by one of the most prominent same-sex couples in America. As the New York Daily News reports, Schultz says he was drugged and endured a violent sexual assault from countertenor David Daniels and his husband Scott Walters, who is a distinguished operatic conductor.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg presided over the well-publicized and celebrated marriage ceremony in 2014.

But Schultz says the couple raped him in 2010 after they gave him a drink laced with drugs. He says he regained consciousness the next morning, wondering where he was and why his anus was bleeding.

Schultz was then 23-years-old and now says he was afraid to go to authorities because of potential career consequences. He told The Daily News that the #MeToo movement has inspired him to go public with his story. Schulz’s complaint has found its way to the Houston Police Department, where an active investigation is now underway that has not yet produced a warrant for anyone’s arrest.

Schultz told the Daily News that the last thing he can remember is taking a drink with Daniels and Walters and passing out.

According to the Daily News, Schultz told that police that he spent most of the next day in bed, “alone, completely naked.”

He continued, “I was sore and I didn’t know why. I made my way to the bathroom to figure out why I hurt. I was bleeding from my rectum. I became numb. I was paralyzed with fear.”

Schultz alleges the couple told him that they had unprotected sex with the singer but Daniels reassured him that he was “totally negative” as far as HIV was concerned. Schultz says he nonetheless sought medical advice as to whether he had contracted any sexually transmitted diseases.

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