Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan Praises Trump For His Dedication To Americans

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former interim ICE director Thomas Homan praised President Trump for his support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to American families who have been the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants during an interview on “Outnumbered” on Friday afternoon.


The segment began with Harris Faulkner asking Homan about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, which was committed by a person in the country illegally. (RELATED: Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murder Of Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts)

“What I would say is, you have a president now that is giving you a voice. I’ve met with the families of angel moms and angel dads, I got an email from Don Rosenberg last night, who lost his son to an illegal alien. I can tell you that the president himself, and I’ve been in that room, he met with these angel families, his heart goes out to them,” Homan said.

“He’s the first president that I know of that gave them a voice,” he continued. “He created the Victims of Immigration Crime office at ICE. This president is deeply committed to this issue,” he continued. “This president is doing his job. He wants to protect this country, he wants to protect United States citizens, and he’s given a voice to the victims of immigration crime.”

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