Dana Loesch: Democrats Are Trying to ‘Al Capone’ President Trump

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National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch said Friday that the Mueller investigation is using “Al Capone” tactics to try to ensnare President Trump.

“The moral argument over the president’s infidelities would never result in legal trouble,” said Loesch on NRA.TV. “So they believe they have to take a lesson from the Clinton years and find a way to make it a legal problem. And that’s exactly what they’re using campaign finance for, an already unconstitutional set of laws to pull it off.”

Loesch then gave her audience a history lesson on how government agents finally brought down mob boss Al Capone.

“They’re trying to Al Capone the president,” she said. “I mean, you remember. Capone didn’t go down for murder. Elliot Ness didn’t put him in for murder. He went in for tax fraud. Prosecutors didn’t care how he went down as long as he went down, and the same goes for Democrats. Whatever avenue is needed to bring down the president, they’ll take it.”

“I could say it was none of my business when Bill Clinton did it too, except Bill Clinton did it in the Oval Office and then he perjured himself,” said Loesch, adding that Clinton also “used government resources to attempt a cover-up.”

The NRA spokesperson’s comments come in the wake of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight counts of tax and bank fraud, as well as former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s plea deal


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