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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Online media company Vox published an article trashing Sen. John McCain less than an hour after his tragic death following a long battle with brain cancer.

The Arizona Republican and war hero passed away on Saturday night and received beautiful tributes from his family, friends and colleagues.

Vox, however, decided to immediately criticize McCain for choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate during the 2008 presidential election.

“McCain empowered a demagogue who put the Republican Party on the path to Donald Trump,” politics editor Laura McGann wrote.

McGann blamed McCain for the rise of Donald Trump’s political fortunes, arguing that choosing a “demagogue” like Palin opened the door for a reality show-esque presidential candidate.

“McCain, who passed away at age 81, is remembered as a maverick, a man who crossed the aisle and built relationships with Democrats,” McGann said. “But he also betrayed his own values hoping to win a presidential election, and sent the Republican Party down the path to Trump.”

Vox tweeted out the article but later deleted the tweet following backlash from people who thought the criticism of McCain came too soon.

Vox: McCain Article (Twitter Screenshot: August 25, 2018)

McGann defended her article, insisting that she won’t “pretend” that McCain never chose Palin as his running mate.

Laura McGann Defends McCain Article (Twitter Screenshot: August 25, 2018)

She also complained that people were calling her derogatory names over the piece.

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