White Sex Offender Accused Of Urinating On Black Child Won’t Be Charged Because Story Was Fabricated

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A white sex offender arrested for allegedly urinating on a 5-year-old black girl and calling her a racial slur has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case as prosecutors and police determined the story was fabricated.

Police were called to mother Katrena Rapier’s Grand Rapids, Mich., home on Wednesday after friends said her 5-year-old daughter had been urinated on and called the N-word by David Allen Dean, a known sex offender.

“She came in the house and she was wet, like soaking wet, and I’m asking her what happened but she was afraid to tell me because she thought she was going to get in trouble,” Rapier told Fox17. “And then I called my boys because I knew they’d tell me and then they said the guy said ‘stupid N-word’ and started peeing on her.”

After interviewing several of the children who had allegedly witnessed the incident, police arrested David Allen Dean on the charge of felony sex offense excluding assault and commercializing, WWMT reported.

“Her hair smelled like nothing but urine and it was like soaked, her whole shirt front to back was soaked,” Rapier told WWMT.

Because of the explosive and racially charged nature of the allegations, the story was picked up nationally by Newsweek, The Root, and Mediaite, among others.

While Dean indeed has a history of mental illness and a long rap sheet, including attempted criminal sexual assault, indecent exposure, and a 1997 conviction for sexual assault against a child under the age of 13, the allegations against him in this case were fabricated.

From a statement released by Kent County:

A thorough investigation by the Grand Rapids Police Department, in conjunction with the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office, has revealed that recent allegation that an adult male urinated on a child were fabricated. After interviews by a trained specialist, the parents of the children talked to them more, and the children admitted the adult make was not involved. One the of the children urinated on another child, and the story was concocted to avoid trouble. Additionally, citizens in the surrounding provided a verifiable alibi for the recorded time of the incident.

We appreciate the conscientiousness of the parents in bringing the matter to the attention of the police, and in continuing to ask their children question as new evidence was obtained.

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