Dershowitz Educates TV Pundits On The Law- ‘Hope Can’t Substitute For Reality’

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Harvard Law professor emeritus and frequent Fox News guest Alan Dershowitz blasted TV pundits who appear “anxious” to find crimes against Trump during a “Hannity” appearance on Monday night.


The panel kicked off the segment by discussing the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen indictments, which have led many in media to label Donald Trump as an “un-indicted co-conspirator.”

“Professor Dershowitz, you kept saying this isn’t even jaywalking as it relates to the president. Can you explain to America’s dumb pundit lawyer class why you are right and they are so wrong?” Hannity asked.

“First, I completely understand why people are so anxious to try to find crimes against Trump, but you just can’t make it up. You have to look at the rule of law and if you look at the statute, the statute says that a candidate can contribute any amount of money he wants into his own campaign and President Trump has said the money came from him personally,” Dershowitz exclaimed.

“So unless new evidence develops I see no indication of any criminal violation of any of the campaign finance statutes. If there are any, let’s hear, where’s the beef, where’s the statute? Point to me where the violation occurs. I know why people hope there is a violation, but hope can’t substitute for reality,” he finished.

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