Mark Levin Explains Why The President Doesn’t Need To Worry About Mueller

Mike Brest Reporter
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Conservative political pundit Mark Levin explained why the president does not need to be concerned with the Mueller investigation during a segment on Hannity, Monday night.


“Well the president is actually in great shape when it comes to the law and when it comes to impeachment. On impeachment, all we have to do is vote and make sure the Democrats don’t win and then he won’t be impeached. There’s an idea,” Levin began. “Anyway, that’s the headline. The president is in very good shape. You cannot impeach a president on events that occurred before he was president.”

“I don’t know people are aware of this, the precedent is Vice President [Schuyler Colfax] in 1873. Judges [are] different, presidents, vice presidents [are different] on events that occurred beforehand. So even if they load up their phony list, we have to keep that in mind. Also, there is serious doubt on whether Mr. Mueller in his report can use grand jury information that goes public,” he continued.

Levin added, “I’m going through what they’ve been arguing. The president cannot obstruct justice for firing a subordinate, period. Now what about this new thing they’ve come up, conspiracy to defraud an election? I would like to know, this conspiracy, exactly who did the president conspire with? Who is it? Had they been charged, have they been prosecuted?”

“The big enchilada, which is a sitting president cannot be indicted, which I’ve been saying for eighteen months, which makes all of this entirely bogus,” he concluded.

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