Media Immediately Politicizes Jacksonville Shooting, Wouldn’t Touch Tibbetts’ Murder


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Despite criticizing the president and conservatives for politicizing the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, the media is now doing the exact same thing with the Jacksonville, Florida, shooting.


The New York Times, CNN, The Mirror, and other outlets all lamented the fact that the president “seized” on Tibbetts’ murder to further his immigration agenda. Tibbetts, a young Iowa college student, was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant who was working on a local farm. (RELATED: NYT: Trump ‘Seizes’ On Mollie Tibbetts Murder) 

“In recent campaign rallies, like one Tuesday night in which he alluded to Ms. Tibbetts, Mr. Trump has riled up crowds by disparaging immigrants and stoking fear about them,” The New York Times wrote on August 22.

Just about a week later, however, the media pounced on the shooting by a video game player in Jacksonville on Sunday to push for gun control. Anchors and guests talked about gun laws in Florida despite the fact that little has been said about how the shooter obtained his firearm.

“You heard Governor [Rick] Scott — he acknowledges there needs to be action but he never names the action,” MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi cried on Monday. “And the support for background checks is about as close to universal as you get in America.”

“I think it’s obvious to people, a lot of people living in Florida, that they need to continue to take a serious look at their state’s gun laws,” Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords, told CNN.

Jim Cavanaugh, a retired ATF agent, similarly told MSNBC that Florida “has very loose gun laws.”

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