Organize And Charge Up To Four Devices With This Alarm Clock That Is 46% Off

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If you’re a disorganized somebody who has plenty of devices and difficulty waking up on time, then it’s time to invest in a gadget that helps you rein in your hectic life. With a Sandman Clock, get an accessory that organizes and charges all your favorite devices while also helping you to wake up in time for work.

Normally $49, this alarm clock is 46 percent off

Normally $49, this alarm clock is 46 percent off

Sandman Clock on sale for $25.99

This do-it-all alarm clock lets you charge up to four of your favorite devices overnight without worrying about any clutter. It has four integrated USB ports and a cable management system that organizes your devices while charging them. Meaning, you’ll always have quick access to your fully charged phone, tablet, and e-reader once you start your day, making it the perfect accessory for nightstands at home or even on the road.

Plus, as the name implies, it helps you wake up in time for work or weekend plans since it’s an alarm clock. It’s easy to read at any time of day and from anywhere in the room thanks to its large 1.8″ red digits. Even better, you get to choose how time is displayed, selecting either 12-hour or 24-hour time modes with two simple buttons.

Start off your day on the right foot with a Sandman Clock for $25.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 46% off the original price of $49.

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