President Of Security Studies Group Jim Hanson Accuses Twitter Of Tipping The Scales Against Conservatives

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A think tank president and former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, Jim Hanson, said Twitter has found a way to easily censor conservatives without being outwardly bias.

“I am [shadow banned]. It’s not a question of whether we are or not,” Hanson, who leads the Security Studies Group, said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. “Twitter’s CEO is correct when he says they didn’t build a tool to discriminate based on viewpoint. But they built a tool that ends up doing that anyhow.” (RELATED: Nigel Farage Fights Back Against Biased Social Media, Says We Must Hold Twitter Accountable)

Hanson claimed liberals are three times more likely to take advantage of Twitter’s complaint features and said if they complain enough, conservatives end up getting blackballed.


“It’s because liberals are much more likely to report an account for abuse, to block accounts, to use all the tools that Twitter gave them to complain about content they don’t like,” Hanson continued. “They do it according to studies, three times as often as conservatives.”

“So Twitter’s quality filter counts up each one of these black marks and says, jeesh, these must be bad guys because they say things that make people mad and eventually that puts you in what Twitter calls low quality and then your tweets are no longer seen by as many people as they are before,” he concluded. “We’ve got definitive proof of that.”

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